Version 2.5.x License Key


The Version 2.5.x License Key unlocks all current features of the PresetMaster Demo Software Package. You can add unlimited devices, presets, scenes and time delays and you have full control over backgrounds, fonts and all other options.

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The current version (V-2.5.1) contains 3 numbers, or identifiers, for future updates: “V-a.b.c

a‘ stands for: Major Updates: New Devices and significant functionality improvements.

b‘ stands for: Medium Updates: New functions and general functionality improvements.

c‘ stands for: Minor updates: Small patches, Security Updates and Bugfixes.

With the V-2.5.x License Key you are only entitled to free Minor Updates. All Medium and Major Updates will be available in the future for a discounted price for holders of a Version License Key.


A V-2.5.x License Key owner is entitled to Limited Email Support. This means that support is only provided by email contact or by phone on a “we call you”-approach. We will answer to any question regarding the PresetMaster software only, within 5 working days (Monday-Friday), although we’ll try to answer as soon as possible!

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